Bosch eBike Systems data protection notices

Bosch eBike Systems (referred to as "Bosch eBike" or "We" in the following) would like to thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in our company and products.

1. Bosch eBike respects your privacy

1.1 The protection of your privacy when processing your personal data as well as the security of all business data are important matters that we always take into account in our business processes. Any personal data collected when visiting our websites and using our mobile applications is always processed confidentially in accordance with statutory regulations.

1.2 Data privacy and information security are integral parts of our corporate policy.

2. Collecting and processing personal data

2.1 Personal data can include individual details about personal or factual circumstances relating to a specific or identifiable natural person, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, photos or other information about a specific or identifiable person.

2.2 We only collect, process and use personal data (including IP addresses) if there is a legal basis for this or you independently volunteer to provide us with this data for a specific purpose e.g. as part of a registration process, survey, competition, query to our hotline or registering a warranty claim.

2.3. Moreover, the following information is recorded during visits to our website: IP address, referrer website, pages visited, downloaded files, video views/playing of audio files, clicks on individual links, search terms or phrases (site search), duration of visit, browser used, etc. If the visit was a result of clicking on banners, video ads, advertised search engines, or similar media advertised online, we also record which banner or adword motivated the user to visit the Bosch websites. This knowledge enables us to further optimise our websites and tailor them to meet the needs of our visitors more effectively.

3. Appropriation

Bosch eBike or a service company appointed by Bosch eBike uses your personal data for the purpose of technical administration of websites and mobile applications, customer administration, product surveys, calls to the Bosch eBike Systems service or customer hotline, for example, and processing warranty claims, only to the extent necessary or according to the information on the intended purpose located at the relevant places on our websites. Our employees and the service company appointed by Bosch are obliged to maintain confidentiality and comply with the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act. Furthermore, all necessary technical and organisational measures for protecting personal data are guaranteed.

4. Disclosure of data to third parties

Bosch eBike has appointed external service providers to assume responsibility for activities such as sales and marketing services, payment processing, warranty processing, programming, data hosting and hotline services. Bosch eBike carefully selects these service providers and monitors them regularly to ensure they handle and protect your stored data with the utmost care. Bosch eBike obliges all service providers to maintain confidentiality and comply with statutory provisions.

5. Use of cookies

5.1 General
Cookies are small text files saved to your computer when you visit our websites. These files are used to determine whether your end device has already communicated with any of our sites. Reading the cookies allows us to configure the layout of our websites according to your preferences and make them easier to use.

5.2 Bosch eBike cookies
Bosch eBike uses cookies and active components (e.g. JavaScript), to track visitors' preferences and arrange the layout of the websites accordingly.

5.3 Cookies from third-party providers
Some Bosch eBike websites include content and services from other providers (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) which may use their own cookies and active components. Bosch eBike has no influence on the processing of your personal data by these providers. Please visit the website of the relevant provider for information on how your data is handled.

5.4 Deactivating and deleting cookies
When you visit our websites, a cookie layer pop-up window asks whether you wish to accept the cookies on our website or deactivate them in the settings.

If you decide to block the cookies, an opt-out cookie is set in your browser. This cookie is used exclusively to indicate your objection to the use of cookies. However, the deactivation of cookies may result in individual functions on our websites no longer being available. For technical reasons, please remember that an opt-out cookie is only valid on the browser from which it was set. If you delete the cookies or use another browser or end device, you must set the opt-out cookie again.

Cookies that are set by other providers during visits to third-party websites are not affected by the setting option, however.

You can delete all cookies at any time using your browser. However, this may also result in the unavailability of individual functions. Click on the "Privacy settings" link in the footer. The "Privacy settings" link provides you with additional information about the cookies being used. You can also select which cookies you wish to use. On level 1 (essential) and level 2 (comfort), anonymous access logs are recorded by so-called session cookies. On level 3 (statistics), a cookie is stored on your computer for a maximum of 12 months.

Furthermore, the following website gives you the option of managing and deactivating the use of cookies by third-party providers: We do not operate this website and are therefore not responsible for it and have no influence on its content and availability.

6. Use of conversion tracking

6.1 We use so-called conversion tracking to create the most attractive website layout possible for our users.

6.2 Our conversion tracking partners, such as Google AdWords, upload a cookie to your computer ("conversion cookie") for this analytical service, provided you were redirected to our website via an advertisement of the relevant partner. These cookies lose their validity after 30 days. If you visit certain pages on our sites and the cookie has not yet expired, we and the relevant conversion tracking partner can identify that someone has clicked on the advertisement and was redirected to our page. The cookies cannot be tracked via our website. The information collected by conversion cookies is used to generate conversion statistics in order to determine the total number of users that have clicked on the relevant advertisement and were redirected to a page with a conversion tracking tag.

However, this process is performed anonymously so that you cannot be identified by the conversion tracking feature.

6.3 If you do not want Bosch eBike and its conversion tracking partner to use the relevant conversion cookies, please proceed according to point 5.4.

7. Use of analysis tools

7.1 Bosch eBike keeps access logs for its websites using web analysis tools such as Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google Inc. ("Google"). There is an agreement between Bosch eBike Systems GmbH and Google Inc. for contract data processing according to § 11 BDSG. Google Analytics uses so-called "cookies", which are text files stored on your computer that allow Google to analyse how the website is used. Information regarding your use of this website generated by the cookie is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. If IP anonymisation is activated on this website and you are currently located within a member state of the European Union or another state party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, Google shortens your IP address. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. Google uses this information on behalf of the operator of this website to evaluate your use of the website and compile reports about website activity with a view to providing the website operator with other services relating to website and Internet use.

The IP address your browser provides for Google Analytics is not pooled together with other Google data. You can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by selecting the corresponding setting on your browser software; however, we would like to point out that in this case, it may not be possible to make full use of all functions on this website. You can prevent Google Analytics from gathering data by clicking on the following link. An opt-out cookie is set to prevent data from being collected when you visit this website in the future:
Deactivate Google Analytics . You can also prevent Google from collecting data generated by the cookie and data relating to your use of the website (including your IP address) as well as processing this data by downloading and installing the browser plug-in from the following link (

Visit bzw. unter for more information on conditions of use and data privacy. We would like to point out that the code "anonymizeIp" for Google Analytics is now available on this website to ensure that any collected IP addresses remain anonymous (also referred to as IP masking).

7.2 The cookies described in 7.1 are used to enable the analysis of website use. In particular, Bosch eBike can improve data quality as a result.

7.3 If you do not wish to authorise the use of the relevant analysis cookies, please proceed according to point 5.4. 7.1.

8. Use of social plug-ins

8.1 Bosch eBike uses so-called social plug-ins on its websites and mobile applications for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The plug-ins are designed for elements such as the Facebook "Like" button.

8.2 If you are logged on to a social network, your visit to the site may also be added to your account activity log. If you do not wish the relevant social network to link the data collected during your visit to your stored member data, you must log out of the social network site before activating the social plug-in button.

8.3 Please refer to the data protection notices on the relevant social network for information on the purpose and extent to which the network collects, further processes and uses the data as well as your rights in this regard and deactivation options for the protection of your personal privacy.

9. Advertising

9.1 Consent and revocation
Any personal data you provide is used to inform you and request your opinion about our products and services, where applicable and provided you have given us your express consent to use your personal data for advertising purposes. If we require your data for surveys conducted by a market research organisation, the institute shall act exclusively on behalf of Bosch eBike and in accordance with instructions from Bosch eBike.

If you have already given your consent for promotional purposes, but no longer wish to receive advertising from Bosch eBike in the future, you can revoke your consent at any time. Any data collected for advertising purposes shall then be deleted accordingly or blocked if it is still required for billing and ordering purposes or for processing warranty claims.

9.2 Newsletters
If required, you can subscribe to a newsletter on our websites and applications. Should you decide at a later time that you no longer wish to receive newsletters, you can cancel your subscription at any time by revoking your consent. Consent for e-mail newsletters can be revoked by clicking on the link published in the newsletter.

9.3 Competitions
If you enter a competition organised by Bosch eBike and win, we will use your data to notify you as well as for advertising our products, provided we have your consent to do so. If required, you can find detailed information on competitions in the corresponding conditions of participation.

10. Mobile applications

10.1 Use of our mobile applications
In addition to our online resources, we also offer mobile applications that you can download to your mobile device. The rights described here also apply for mobile applications. In addition to the data collected via websites, we also collect additional personal data that relates specifically to the use of mobile devices via our mobile applications, unless you have not given us consent to do so.

10.2 Collecting information about your location
Our range of services also includes so-called location-based services for offering you special products and services tailored to your respective location. Provided you have given us your consent, we use your GPS coordinates and IP address to collect information about your location in order to offer you these app functions. You can enable or disable this function in the settings of the relevant app or your operating system at any time.

10.3 Collecting the advertising identifier/advertising ID
For advertising purposes, we use the so-called "Advertising Identifier" (IDFA) for iOS and so-called Advertising ID for Android, provided we have your consent. These are unique identification numbers for a specific end device that operates with iOS or Android, but they are not personalised or permanent. This collected data is not linked to other device-related information. We use the identification numbers to provide personalised advertising and evaluate your usage habits. If you activate the "No ad tracking" option under "Data privacy" – "Ads" in the iOS settings or select the "Opt out of Ads personalisation" option under "Google settings" – "Ads on your Android device, we can only do the following: Determine your interaction with banners by counting the number of times a banner is displayed without you clicking on it ("frequency capping"), record click rates, identify unique use, introduce safety and anti-fraud measures as well as perform troubleshooting. You can delete the IDFA or the Advertising ID in the device settings at any time ("Reset Ad ID"), a new identification number is then created, which is not associated with any data collected previously. We would like to point out that some app functions may not be available if you restrict use of the identification number.

10.4 Data transferred to the App Store
We do not collect data such as user names, e-mail addresses and individual device codes that are transferred to the App Store when the relevant application is downloaded, as this is out of our control. We also have no influence on the collection of this data.

11. Use of external links

Bosch eBike websites may contain links to websites of third-party providers who are not associated with us. Once you click on a link, we no longer have any influence over the collection, processing and use of personal data passed on to third parties as a result of clicking on the link (such as the IP address or the URL of the page where the link is located) since obviously all third-party conduct is beyond our control. Bosch eBike cannot therefore assume responsibility for the processing of any such personal data by third parties.

12. Safety

12.1 Our employees and the service company appointed by Bosch eBike are obliged to maintain confidentiality and comply with the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

12.2 Bosch eBike always takes all the necessary technical and organisational measures specified in the German Federal Data Protection Act to protect data under our control from manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorised persons or unauthorised disclosure. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological progress.

13. Disclosure and amendment

Users have the right to request information about their stored personal data at any time. Furthermore, users can ask for their data to be amended at any time.

14. Revocation and deletion

14.1 You can also revoke your consent with regard to the future collection, processing and use of your personal data at any time.

14.2 Personal data used for advertising purposes is deleted if you revoke consent for the storage of this data, if the information in the personal data is no longer required to fulfil the purpose for which it was stored or storage is not permitted for any other legal reasons.

14.3 Any data required for billing and ordering purposes or for processing warranty claims or that is subject to a statutory retention obligation are not affected by this. However, this data is blocked if access to it is no longer required.

15. Contact

If you would like to contact us, you can reach us at the address given in the “Responsible” section.

Use the following link to assert your rights and report data protection incidents:

For suggestions and complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, we recommend that you contact our data protection officer:

Data Protection Officer
Department for Information Security and Data Protection Bosch Group (C/ISP)
P.O. Box 30 02 20
70173 Stuttgart